Inspiration can be hard to find. Maybe it’s in a quote, or watching someone do something, or staring at an object long enough. Maybe it’s a flash of an idea that suddenly hits your brain. Than a poem, a story, a song – it all comes pouring out. That’s the hard thing for writers though, when the inspiration stops.

I had been having a hard time with editing my story. It’s called Eyes Wide Shut. Let me give you a snippet of the beginning.

The book was open, resting on my knees. My fingers squeezed on the sides
of the pages. I glared at the book for a second and then slowly read the first
sentence. Nothing happened. So I continued reading, my eyes gliding over the
printed words. Then it started. I felt the tingling feeling as small pictures
began to grow larger, less blurring. I could see the servants and the enemies,
the old families fighting while their youngsters secretly fell in love. The
descriptions started to wrap themselves around my mind, weaving pictures of
faraway lands, of majestic characters, of happy endings.

I slammed the book shut, almost catching my nail. My eyes swiveled
around my room, as if I was looking for a witness. I couldn’t allow myself to
be lifted up higher and higher by those intriguing images and then be dropped back
into reality. Do authors really understand the power that nestles in their

It was another failed attempt at reading my English book for class. I
would rather fail or scrape a pass than be immersed in unattainable worlds.

It’s always hard to keep motivated, keep writing when you’re not entirely sure where the story is going. My story is about a girl called Avril, and her younger sister, who finds themselves kidnapped in China after a horrific terrorist attack. They face a lot of consequences, but together, can they manage to escape and return home?

One major problem with me writing this is that I’ve never been to China, never been in a terrorist attack, and never been kidnapped. But other people have. Whether in fiction or real life, they have.

So I’ve been researching all I can, reading all I can and gathering as much information as possible. Today, after church a man came and he lived in China for six years. Somehow the conversation turned to my story and he gave me lots of tips and new viewpoints and ideas to think about. And he told me what China is like, and the appearance to an outside. If I was rich I might go and visit myself, but hey, that’s not going to happen 😛

However, I did find a good source of inspiration. Let me know what yours is? And thanks for reading thus far. Turned out to be a long post than expected!

Olivia-Savannah x

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