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So this is my third post, and I have a lot of thank you’s to say! I honestly didn’t expect to have seven followers by now… more so zero. So thank you everyone who is following and reading!

So for ages everyone’s been on about procrastination like it’s some new trend. I’ve never really had a problem with it. I’m usually able to see my work, and get it done. I’m a doing person, and I don’t like wasting time much. Maybe I’ll chat a little to the side of work, but it’s done early, or on time. Till now. I’m so procrastinating, so then I stop, do a little work and drift away from it again. No matter how much I pull myself back to it, I can’t focus! Ugh, it bothers me 😛

Have any of you lot had problems with procrastination? Because, I’m blogging when I shouldn’t. Not, that blogging is a waste of time. I should just do it afterwards, not now. Anyways, here is a video that is full of my… procrastination…

Hope you like it ^^ Do comment and like and the such 🙂

Here’s some handy tips that I shall hope to follow myself now and get back on track with homework.

1. Stop thinking about it, and starting doing it.
2. Don’t blow the task out of proportion. Honestly, it’s not as hard as overthinking it makes it look.
3. Just take the first step. You’ll be surprised how easily the others all follow
4. Start with the hardest task. Then the others will seem easier.

Want some more tips? Want these in more detail? Then just click here:

Till the next time! ^^ Olivia-Savannah Roach x

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