50 Bloglovin’ Followers!

50 Bloglovin’ Followers!

Yay! I just (well maybeeee two days ago) hit 50 bloglovin’ followers! I know some of the other bloggers are doing that giggling thing, going, she’s only got 50? Well, 50 and proud, honey. And it will grow on from there!

I just wanted to thank all my bloglovin’ followers, and I hope to see you more of you guys. I’ve been checking out some of your blogs too, so if you have any new follows or comments, you know where it cam from.

Bloglovin’ is a site where you can link up your blogs, whichever creating site they come from. And everyone can follow you, your blog and make comments. It’s really handy… and of course, no one can find the follow button on blogger! Which makes it all the more useful ^^

Really, this post was just to say thank you. But you shall see me updating later on today as well with a new video..?

So, do stay tuned! Bye catastrophes!

Olivia-Savannah x

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