Generally Lazy

Generally Lazy

Hey everyone. I know we all feel like this sometimes:


So what should we do? It’s good to be lazy when it’s time to relax… but what about when you have something you just know you should be doing?

Reward yourself and then work. You can watch a film… as long as you get back to work afterwards. But it must be a limited reward. Not when you go onto Youtube and endlessly watch videos. That just doesn’t help xD

Take breaks often. Work for half an hour, have ten minutes off. Works for me!

Get up and do something active. Play a sport, take a quick jog, anything that sharpens the senses for a little bit so you are active and focused afterwards.

Listen to upbeat music because it’s less slow and relaxing than smooth music. You’re trying to wake up!

Do not eat. Just snack. What do most people do when they’re bored? That’s right, they eat. So don’t! But do keep your mouth moving. Most people using chewing gum… but if you want a healthy action, just put some dried cornflakes in a bowl. Slowly crunch away and work on what you need to do…

Turn off social media sites Definitely one of the hardest for most people. But I did my work so much faster when I managed this. You wouldn’t be able to believe how much time you save.

I hope this helps! Right, I better stop being lazy myself and get to doing some homework. Adieu!

Olivia-Savannah x

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