How to write a book review

How to write a book review

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This may seem obvious, but first you have to read the
book! I know lots of people skip this step, but it can never make the review as
good as it can be. Also, if you start out reading knowing you’ll have to write
a review at the end, a handy thing to have is some sticky notes so you can mark
quotes or interesting phrases. All through the review, write to an audience who
has never read the book before. Explain even the simplest of things.

Writing the review:

Introduction: Start out with listing the title
and author. Give a brief synopsis of the book. If your book isn’t the first in
the series, this synopsis needs to fill in all that is necessary to understand
this book as well.

Who are the main characters? Anything unique
about these characters that are different from the usual human? Maybe there are
more than one, and it would be ideal to show the relation between the two. You
could focus on their personality, role in the book or outward appearance. This
depends on you and your taste.

Time to tackle setting. This could be simple
because it is based in modern times. If this is the case, why do you think its
set in this time period and not some other? If it’s a fantasy book, does the
setting reflect this in any way? You would need to explain the setting as well
if it is set in the future and the past.

You’ve given a brief synopsis of the whole novel
or series, but now it’s time to dig in and give as many details as you can.
Pull as many quotes out of the hood as you please. They’re perfect for now.
What happens in the story? How does the genre fit in there? How do the
characters react to the climax of the plot? Break the story down into
beginning, middle and end. Is there a theme to the novel? A message that is
trying to be brought across? Mention what it is, and how the author sends this
message in his writing. (Quote!)

Now it’s time to either compliment or insult the
writer. Not from you to the author, but you to the style of writing. Which
person is it, which tense? Does this work or not work, and for what reason? Are
all the sentences long or short, is the language too complicated? It’s time to
bug the technical side of the work…

Last but not least, we finally get to hear the
words ‘In my opinion.’ What did you think of the book? What rating would you
give it, and who would you recommend it to? Did you love it or hate it, and
why? This is basically the conclusion.

I hope this helps with writing any reviews that you need
to! Do you think I left any important steps out, or would you do it
differently? Have some reviews you would like us to read through for you?

Olivia-Savannah x

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