School grades: Make you or break you

School grades: Make you or break you

Hey there~

I’m so sorry for my infrequent posting! I promise you will get to hear from me very Saturday at some point – and hopefully with something new, not just an apology post! This one is about school grades, especially just because I got mine in school. They were pretty good, but I was torn up anxious about them. So, do school grades make you or break you?

First of all, when it comes to waiting for reports, my advice is not to panic. If you’ve done your best (and even when you haven’t) a grade is just a number in the end. And you can’t change what you’ve done. So breathe, the report will come whether you want it to or not.

But PARENTS! What will mine say?! I got a 4 out of 10! GAH! – Calm down! Everyone is entitled to one bad grade, and as well as this, how have your grades in other subjects look? If not too bad, don’t panic. Just work harder at the next assignment. Parents might yell at you, or ground you, but really they just want you to do well. Hopefully the idea of not being grounded will motivate you during your work. And the grades are for you actually, not them.

When you’ve got your grades, whether good or bad, reward yourself. I mean, you’ve just been through a whole semester of work! Gah, homework… it put aside your social life, sleeping hours and freedom. Although you should be taking breaks and giving yourself small rewards while you do it, I think report time = big reward time. Have a day to relax, a day shopping or buy that expensive box of chocolates that you’ve wanted for a while….

What’s my reward you ask? I haven’t actually thought of that… but a Primark is opening nearby soon, and when it is, I’m spending a day in town! And I’m going to focus on this blog a lot more… I promise!

Till the next week 😉

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  • Ugh, grades! I always panic a little bit when I get my grades, even though I usually know before-hand what they will be. Still… grades are so important, especially now that I'm looking at college and everything.
    I just… I'm such a Nerd, and I always want the best grades possible.

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