How to be the best babysitter ever

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Today I wanted to talk about being a babysitter. I know quite a bit about it because I have a family I babysit for regularly, as well as some odd jobs of babysitting on the side as well. I’ll do a post later on about how to babysit effectively, how to find people to babysit for and also, what you might be expected to do. Babysitting is a common job many teenagers try to do for some extra money. It isn’t too bad when all you have to do is watch the kids going to bed and then stay at the house all evening, but what about babysitting in the day? These are some things I would like to address in the future. For the time being this post is about: how to be the best babysitter ever.

Everybody likes getting something for free. And parents especially like having a break from their kids and having some time alone together. Isn’t that why they need you in the first place? But a great idea is to give them some time in the day where you watch the kids for free! It’s awesome if this happens regularly really, perhaps anything between once every two or three months. The parents will love it, and whenever they need a babysitter they will surely call you.

So what do you do during the day with the kids? A good idea is to invite the kids to your house for a change. They’ll be super excited; I know mine were! We did all sorts of things. We made lemon cupcakes (recipe in next post), went to the park, played animals and train set. We did so much, the time flew by. Of course I was exhausted, but I hope their parents enjoyed their time out. It was especially good at this time of year because they got to do some Christmas shopping while the kids were unsuspecting.

I hope you have fun with the children when you invite them round!

Olivia-Savannah Roach

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