My Tardis Earrings!

My Tardis Earrings!

I must admit, I’m a total Whovian!

Okay, not the Whovians who know every single episode title and many doctor who facts or whatever, but one who has watched every episode since Christopher E. began and can do some quotes. And I absolutely adore the show! <3 You can just imagine how pleased I was when I got the tardis earrings. (Well I was sick in bed but I bothered to get up and out, show everyone, and then retreat to bed again. A mighty achievement, I know ;D)

So, pictures anyone? I was excited the moment I saw the package from the Royal Mail!


This is what they look like:

And that’s me wearing them! Haha, selfies till the end (more like I can’t find anyone in this house who would photograph me in them)
I feel like Christmas came early! Now I will be wearing them during the Christmas DW special when I say goodbye to Matt Smith of course. Although, David Tennant was undoubtedly the best doctor, duh 😛
Olivia-Savannah x

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