Paramore: Fast In My Car (How to make friends)

Paramore: Fast In My Car (How to make friends)

Hey there folks! Everyone and everywhere is bubbling with
Christmas. It’s in smiles, the last exam you have to do before the holiday and
the thoughts of sleeping in. It’s in the snow that covers the streets (but not
mine! Hehe :D) the tree sparkling with lights and of course – the gifts as they
start to pile up under the tree.

But maybe you’re the Scrooge type, where Christmas is too commercial,
too awaited for and you have just really had enough of it. I can understand how
you feel.

But what I also find important is knowing the true meaning
of Christmas. What are we all actually celebrating? I know many of you do know,
and I know many of you don’t. If you would like to, you can read the story

Okay, enough about Christmas! Let’s go on to the actual post
hm? I want to talk about.. PARAMORE. You heard right! They’re very amazing, and
I just got their new album. I’m going to break it down from song to song. Since
the first track is fast in my car, let’s talk about! If you still need to
listen to the song, here is the link:

The song is actually about the group and how they’ve been
through so much together, and still stuck with them. They’re ready to face
anything coming their way and they just want to have fun! Personally, I’ve not
had one friend that’s been with me in every difficult situation, which is
partially down to having moved at one point. But I do have a dear friend who I’ve
known since birth, and is a dear <3 I also have a cousin who is practically
my twin! And now I have some awesome besties who I love so much <3 That all
counts for something.

What happens when you’re best friends move away or you don’t
have a bestie? Don’t panic no one is
entirely friendless forever. It may be a bit hard when you need to make new
friends. What’s important is not to lapse into the ‘I feel so sorry for myself
I can’t make friends’ state. Yes, you can miss your buddy, naturally. But don’t
go preaching to every single person about it. Join in conversations and be generally friendly to everyone. Someone
is bound to notice how funny or nice or unique you are. It can definitely be
hard to join in conversations, especially when you’re a naturally shy person.
The best thing for that is to join a book club or whatever-your-interests are
club, and you’ll be a lot more open when you’re within your hobby comfort zone.
Go out and invite others out if you
both like the same something. If you like shopping and someone else does to,
then go! Same interests are a good key to making friends.

What you shouldn’t do is change yourself or opinions for the other person. If they are
trying to do that to you purposefully, walk away. They aren’t the kind of
friend you want. If you are changing yourself, just remember that your true personality
will shine one day and you might lose that new mate if you are deceiving them.

And finally, don’t forget to try too hard!

Until the next time catastrophes! And the next Paramore
track 😀

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