Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters DVD (Review)

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters DVD (Review)

Hey there my catastrophic buddies! Today I decided I
would do a bit of a longer post. I just finished watching a movie, Percy
Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. While I was watching, I noticed a few things,
and I decided to blog about them! Beware though, there will be spoilers! Don’t
say I didn’t warn ya 😉

Was this film better than the last one? It really depends
on how you are going to judge it. It was more based off of the book this time,
which was good. And somebody finally made Annabeth’s hair blonde, as it should
be! Thank you! I on the other hand, liked the first film more. It’s because I
see the books and movies as based off each other, but separate. I don’t mind
how far off the book they go, I just want a good film 😀

But during this movie, I noticed quite a few funny things
that just kept bothering. It kept me noting how unrealistic and sometimes, bad
acting was involved. For example, Percy’s friends always suddenly and
conveniently walk off when someone is about to say something personal. At one point
Hermes is talking to Percy, Annabeth, Grover and Tyson, and then when he’s just
about to say something personal about Luke Percy’s friends turn and walk off!
They’re not supposed to know what’s coming, and they have no reason to be
leaving. I mean, seriously?! It would never happen in real life. Why do people
only want to have heart to hearts with Percy anyways? How about

When Kronos came alive, all these rocks flying around, he
was so easily defeated! All they actually needed to do was drag a sword down
his chest. So why did no one think of that? Also, all of Luke’s men didn’t have
any weapons. But if Kronos wasn’t resurrecting, and it was just Percy and his
friends, they sure would have weapons at the ready to capture them. So I don’t
understand why they didn’t have weapons around Kronos. I’m telling you, anyone
could’ve defeated a moving pile of rocks. I know Kronos said something, but I
didn’t really understand him. A deep voice coming from a talking volcano? It
shall always be a mystery…

Speaking of monsters, all the monsters in the Sea of
monsters (don’t you love how many times I said monsters there? xD) were easy to
defeat. It wasn’t just Kronos actually. To defeat the bull you had to throw a
sword through its throat… (okay I admit that one is hard). A dog with a scorpions tail is defeated if you cut the
tail… the giant Cyclops is dealt with using only one big rock and running
power. Gah, pathetic monsters.

Let’s not get me started on Luke. From other movies like
the Host, I haven’t really liked his acting. He is okay here. But as a villain?
And his cheesy lines. Like, “Percy, it didn’t have to be this way…” or “I
summon you O Kronos.” Just get on with it! Less talking and more fighting.
However, I will admit he has some funny moments. Like telling Percy to get off
his roof. Was he supposed to be say that?

And the last thing I’m going to pick on has to do with
Thalia. First off, something to do with the book series as well. If Thalia
dying and the tree falling making the safety barrier, then why did the group of
little kids need to get to Camp Half-blood before. It couldn’t have been safe

I didn’t really like the ending. Thalia couldn’t remember
anything that happened while she was a tree, but without being told she was a
daughter of Zeus, she suddenly knows? Why couldn’t there have been an ending
like the Hunger Games? Y’know, Thalia’s eyes opening and then dun dun dun music
and all that suspense? Instead of well, what they gave us…

I hope this review was helpful to you 😀 And I hope you
go watch the film! If you have, what did you think of it? Am I judging too
harshly? Don’t worry, there is Logan Leerman in it, and that makes it all okay

Bye for now lovelies! Olivia-Savannah x

2 thoughts on “Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters DVD (Review)”

  • I cannot believe you posted this! You were dissing the film so badly! You didn't say anything positive except Morgan and some of the negatives were really harsh! Lighten up! Like your resolution, balance out the positive with the negative. Besides, you can't post all that bad stuff then say, "I hope you see the movie, it's really good!''

    • I did diss it quite a lot sister, because it wasn't that good. I like the percy Jackson films because they're funny! And sometimes films are so bad they're funny, like City of Bones. And that's why I end up loving them. But in all honesty, I wish they stick to the films more! But yes, next time I'll balance out the positives with it more. And the ending does seem quite contradictive! :/

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