Allegiant: Book review

Allegiant: Book review

Hello. I have a catastrophe, and I realized there was no
greater place to put it except on my blog. It’s called my catastrophe after
all, isn’t it?

Anyways, to the point. I recently finished the last book in
a trilogy, the very last one. There is no continuum. Do not get me wrong, this
book was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Let me give you some backstory as to the
whole series.

The book is by a rising author, and the first book (called
Divergent) is a New York Times Bestseller. It follows a girl called Tris. In
her world there are four factions which pride themselves on different aspects
of humanity. The Erudite build themselves on knowledge, the Dauntless on
fearlessness, the Candor on honesty and lastly, the Abnegation on selflessness.
Those who do not fit into any of those categories are called the factionless.
You are born into a faction, but at age the age of sixteen you go to a choosing
ceremony where you can switch or remain in the same faction. Then the
initiation starts. Fail, and factionless is where you will have to go.

Tris, the main character, is brave, intuitive and caring for
those she loves. She is from the Abnegation faction, and she feels as if she
has never fit in. When her choosing ceremony comes round, she makes a decision
that shocks even herself. What I liked so much about this character was how she
was so driven by her emotions, and how she always questioned what was wrong or
right. There is no actual definition, and it’s more in what you believe and
think. Her toying with the idea is what compelled me to love this character. I
do believe my favourite is Four, though I shan’t dive anymore into the
characters. (This my fandom. I would just go and on and I wouldn’t stop J.)

This is the type of book (and I’m talking about the whole
series here, Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant, all of it) that you go in hoping
to enjoy, and then when the story spits you out, you realize the book
controlled you and not the other way
around. You can’t do anything until you’ve satisfied yourself by reading the
whole book. I think it being written in the present tense helped with this –
it’s something I noticed in the Hunger Games as well [although that’s a review
for another say]. Reading the book, there were some small nitpicks I could find
by being generally picky like I am. For example, phrases like “I have to do
this, don’t I.” were written like that. And in themselves, they are still a
question. It bugged me, but then again, typical me.

Okay people, here is the catastrophe. WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER
TO WHOLE SERIES AHEAD. If you plan to read them, just stop here. My catastrophe
is that at the end of the series, at the end of reading about 1,500 pages in
total where I couldn’t help by ship Tobias and Tris with all fangirliness as a
fandom should have, Tris dies. She dies. Now,
I admire Veronica Roth for being able to kill off one of her main characters.
That is not something that is easy to do. And I guess within the first hundred
pages, I just knew that at some point Tris would die. I mean, who has as many
chances and lives as her? It’s only realistic. But still. I couldn’t believe it even though I expected it to happen
myself. No more Tobias and Tris. And so I leave the series troubled. Not
disappointed. Not sad, just troubled. I want it to end some other way, and at
the same time it was the perfect ending.

I just don’t know what to think. Hmm… I think it’ll take a
while before Allegiant settles with me.

Thanks for listening and reading this far. It’s a long post.
I’m looking forwards to the Divergent movie this year! I’ll stop now, and not
witter on about the casting or trailer or…

Olivia-Savannah x

6 thoughts on “Allegiant: Book review”

  • Sigh.. I'll be honest with you. I refuse to review this book over on my blog because I think it's one of the worst books I have read. I totally respect Roth for being able to kill off her FMC, but honestly, there was NO reason Tris had to die. I am praying they change the movie around a bit. The story took an entirely different direct from beginning to end. By the time I finished the final page I was left feeling like I had wasted SO much time on this series. Really really upsetting ending. Sadly, a lot of the series that ended around this time left me feeling the exact same way: THG, The Maze Runner, Matched, etc they all had SUCH disappointing endings in my honest opinion! Great review!

    • Ooh, this is a bit of an old review >< Over times my opinion on this book has changed! There wasn't really a reason for Tris to die, but I think it was more so to have a big bang at the end. It's a shame you didn't like the ending. I really didn't like the Matched series or the Mockingjay much, but I think I remember liking the end of Maze Runner series? I can't remember what it was because I read those a while ago, but I think I did.

  • I'm finishing reading Allegiant, I think I have some 20 something chapters left and I read your spoiler but it's ok because I was already felt it would happen. I haven't liked them as much as I thought I would but they are nice enough to want to find out how it's all going to end.

    • Yes, I found that Divergent was the best book, and afterwards the other two were okay. I more so read them to see the ending. Books start to get more disappointing when the hype around them grows. I hope I didn't ruin the series for you! Are you interested in seeing the movie?

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