Chaotic Days: How to relax

Chaotic Days: How to relax

Hey there everyone! Today I would like to talk about something some of us don’t do enough of: relaxing.

I had a very hectic Saturday which is why I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday! I woke up early where I was shipped off to a basketball game an hour and a half away from home. We played, and although our junior varsity team won, varsity lost. I managed to get punched in the nose and had a nosebleed -.-

I got back from that and immediately went on a two hour newspaper delivery round. My muscles complained and I could feel bruises forming from being ah- aggressive? – on the court. Anyways, did that and got home. Made dinner for the family and then did house chores. I stood up and ironed till 11pm, did homework until midnight and then finally collapsed in my glorious bed. *breathes* Days like these are absolutely chaotic!

So what should we do about them? We’ve got to relax somehow, even if it is the next day. I wanted to share with you some ways that I like to relax. Remember, when you’re relaxing you shouldn’t be thinking of the amount of things you’ve got to do next or whether you’ve done whatever you did right. You should be relaxing!

1. Put your feet up and watch something. That movie you’ve been meaning to see, or the next episode in a telly program. It’s all good because your body gets to relax while you feel entertained. This is always my evening choice for relaxation.

2. Try out a new recipe and then eat it. Mmm… food that tastes good? And you get to have the fun of cooking it too. Nothing too difficult though, otherwise it gets a bit crazy in the kitchen.

3. Do something creative. It’s been proven that doing something DIY, writing or photography helps release stress and relaxes the mind/body. If you choose the right thing to do for yourself, it’s also super fun!

4. Listen to some music and take a nap. This is the best one to do after a tiring day or some extreme sport.

5. Pamper yourself. Girls – give yourself that manicure. Guys – do whatever it is you do to pamper yourself, I don’t know πŸ˜› Make yourself feel good…

6. Curl up with a good book. Well, this is my most chosen option. I let myself read for an hour and get lost in another world.

How do you guys relax after a chaotic day?

Olivia-Savannah x

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