Missing Opportunities

Missing Opportunities

Hey there!

So, this seems like one of the only true to the name posts I have so far! Because this isn’t so much as a  big catastrophe as a personal one. You see, today in biology we were going to dissect a pigs heart. There are usually two reactions to this. One is ewww, and the other is interesting. Mine was interesting, and it was one thing I was really looking forwards to in school. I had to miss doing it today because I was stuck home ill. Silly illness. And although it is an opportunity I might’ve enjoyed and missed, and I would like to share with you some good reactions to have to missing opportunities.

What you need to remember is that one opportunity is only one. There may be another. It may be similar, it may be different, it may be better or it may be worse. But missing one doesn’t mean another will never show up. You’ve just got to keep that smile on and wait for the next to come tolling around.

I know that in the future there are going to be so many opportunities that I miss, that I don’t see or don’t want. I might want them later, but the important thing is not to look back on them with longing, back look at the opportunities that you haven’t missed. When you do that you see all the accomplishments you’ve reached, everything you’ve done to become who you are today, and you’ll be happy. Because there will be more opportunities you’ve happily taken than those you missed.

Olivia-Savannah x

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