My Birthday!

My Birthday!

Hello people~

Why am I doing a Wednesday post instead of my usual Tuseday? Well, because my birthday is today! Fifteen yay. I started off the day not being very excited at all. But the with the help of some awesome online friends, and friends at school and last but not least family, I had an awesome one! We ate out, and I got some presents… Beyoncé’s latest CD, two dvds and of course: a phone. It was kind of necessary 😛 Anyways, some birthday pictures anyone? Just keeping this post short for today ^^

Eating dinner out with the family. A friend got me the hat and I was dared (and paid) to keep it on all evening!

I guess in the end I got a little bit too hyper? Either way, a great birthday!
See you all Sunday
Olivia-Savannah x

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