A High Wind In Jamaica (Book Review)

A High Wind In Jamaica (Book Review)

Hey there! Time for another book review and a suggested

I’m taking it back now to a classic. It’s a small, not as a
well-known one as my favourite, Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. I haven’t read
many classics at all – apart from this one and my fave, just Wuthering Heights
and Jane Eyre. (Do not read Wuthering Heights… but that’s a story for another
day.) The book I recently read is called A High Wind in Jamaica by Richard

The story follows a group of children. They set off from
Jamaica after a devastating hurricane sweeps through the land and blows away
their house. Their parents who are driven by their worry for their children’s
safety, puts them on a boat to send them to England. But on the way that boat
is intercepted by pirates, and so the children’s adventure begins.

When I read the blurb I was like, hold up, not another pirate story. (I haven’t read
many pirate stories though, so I have no clue why I thought that…) but this
story is different and unique, and I love it. The children are realistic and
act their ages. You get to see some piracy through the child’s eyes, and it’s
interesting to note what children see is important and what they don’t think is
important. They understand some things and they don’t. But most of all they are
children, and can be manipulated. This book was so interesting because I think
it captured the mind of some children wonderfully, and very realistically. And
that’s what kept me reading and hooked, as well as Richard Hughes awesome
writing skills.

The main characters of this are the children themselves. But
there is one child I was most interested in, and that’s Emily. At the beginning
of the voyage she is quiet, and withdrawn. But then she on the ship she comes
out of her shell and you can see how she is wild and reckless. You can see how
she is careful and cautious. Her childlike character is more grown up then some
of the others, but it was still intriguing. Especially as I mentioned before,
what she saw as important, and what she was able to pick up on. Emily also has
a lot of ideas, and the process of her comparing their likelihood and
cancelling them out is compelling to read. Another more bizarre but definitely
a character to watch for is Margaret. You can really see how being on a pirate
ship changes her, because she is older and can understand more than the little
ones can.
Most of all, what I love about his book is the journey that
you go on with the children yourself. At first in Jamaica, you can see how
their life is peaceful, but boring. Then they get on the ship and they forget
all about their past life in Jamaica. And you yourself forget about it until
the story mentions it one more time, just because you’re embarking on the same
journey with the children. You can see the stages of the journey at the end,
and you can’t help but admire the skill that Richard Hughes used to carry you
through it.

I hope you take a chance on this novel and try it out. I
would read the first two chapters and give it a shot 😉

Have fun reading! Any books you want a review on
particularly? What are your favourite classics?
Olivia-Savannah x

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