Pros and Cons of Blogging – Part 1

Pros and Cons of Blogging – Part 1

Good morning ^^

The more I do it, the more I realise just how much I do love
blogging! I started in August and since then my eyes have been opened to
another whole part of the internet through blogs. I never knew there were just
so many, and Zoella and vloggers weren’t the only popular ones! I’ve even
created my own little huddle of followers, and it makes me happy to know I’m
sharing my stories/opinions with someone. Anyways, from what I’ve figured, here
come the Pros and Cons of blogging. Always start with the positive.


You’ve start doing
interesting things with your life
. You realize that you want to do more
interesting things that you don’t usually do so you have something worth
blogging about. And even when you don’t manage to, you still think deeply about
an idea or an opinion so that you have something to post. Having a blog makes
me actually do things I would’ve
postponed without it.

You learn so much,
because you find the world of blogs!
There are just so many out there, and
with bloglovin’ I’ve found some pretty amazing blogs. There is just so much out
there to acquire and learn… and I’ve discovered it through my own blog 😀

You meet awesome and
inspiring people.
Just hear some of the stories people tell. They can be
funny, sad, ambitious… so many different things to read.

You get organized. Blogging
has made me get a lot more organized. I mean, I need to write a post by a
certain day and get it up, and then find time to advertise advertise advertise
on social media sites. And of course I like reading blogs so commenting and
maybe adding my link? Takes time! I’ve learnt to schedule in time to blog in my
daily routine, and I feel a lot more organized most times.

You’ve got an
The more followers and
followers who actually read your blog, the bigger your audience. If you’re a
writer this can be important, because if you publish your book, you already
have a potential group of people who might want to try it out. This works the
same with business releasing a product or what have you ^^

You can help others: If
a commenter requests a post, you can help them out! Morally, emotionally or
maybe just through reviewing products or films, you can help other people make

Express yourself: That’s
the most important one to me. You get to express yourself and your feelings!

My next post is dedicated to the 2014 blogger challenge, but
after that shall come the cons of blogging, in exactly a week!
Olivia-Savannah x

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