Red Riding Hood (Film Review)

Red Riding Hood (Film Review)

Hi there! Time for another movie review. Today I’ll look
at Red Riding hood (2011). It’s a twelve plus film based on the book of the
same name by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright. I will review the book another time. The
movie follows the same plot as the book does.

The movie is set in the village called Daggerhorn. Many
years the villagers have lived in fear because a werewolf haunts their area
every full moon. They leave an animal sacrifice out every moon to be eaten. But
one night something terrible happened which changed the stakes – the wolf kills
the younger sister of Valerie (Amanda Seyfried). Valerie is promised in
marriage to Henry (Max Irons) while in love with another (Shiloh Haas). Valerie
puzzles between the two as she tries to figure out who the werewolf is, and why
they are so interested in her and her family.


This film had a great use of scenery; it is set with a
perfect match as to how it is described in the book. The costumes were perfect
too, and because everyone else was wearing dark colours, it made Red Riding
Hood’s blood red cape stand out even more.

I had seen Amanda Seyfried act wonderfully in Les
Miserables, and although I did not like the film Mama Mia I saw she did a good
job. Again, she acts just as well in this film, bringing the character of
Valerie to life in the exact way it should be. I was not as pleased with the
impersonation of Peter. I thought Shiloh could’ve had a bit more expression,
and I didn’t think he did such a good job in this role. Henry, played by Max
Irons was great, but he is not a character you get to see very much of.

Judging by its title you can tell this film is loosely
based on the tale of Red Riding Hood. The film managed to incorporate the
classic lines of “what teeth you have, Grandma … all the better to eat you
with.” So they did not stray completely from the fairytale.

Tomatoes (a known movie critic website) says: “Amanda Seyfried is magnetic
in Red Riding Hood‘s starring role, but she’s let down by her uninspired
leading men and a painfully cliched script.”

The film is
much compared to Twilight, and it’s often suggested that if you liked that
movie, you will like that one. True, it has been directed by the same person.
But I really liked the Twilight movies, and personally I found this movie did
not match up. It didn’t have enough drama and it, and it seemed much too
cliched. There was nothing different or special about this movie that was
exceptionally capturing enough for my attention.

The film ran for 96 minutes approximately. It’s a Warner
Bros production. It was directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who also directed
Twilight. It was also produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, Julie Yorn and Jennifer
Davisson Killoran.

I would rate this film a two out of five.

I hope this helped you decide whether it’s something you
would like to watch or not! Have you seen it? What did you think?

Olivia-Savannah x

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