The Cons of Blogging – Part 2

The Cons of Blogging – Part 2

Hello everyone!

This post was notably harder to write than the pros to blogging, because well… blogging is something I love! I had to really dig down a bit and see what I don’t like so much about it, but all these things really depend on the person. In my opinion it is very:

Time consuming. You’ve got to be prepared to stick to a blog and make time for it. Not just doing things worth writing about and posting. But you need social media sites for advertising, you need to be active online constantly and reading blogs! There’s so much to do and when I set a time limit for blogging-stuff, I sometimes wonder where the time has gone!

Be honest. But don’t me down right rude. There’s too many blogs I’ve seen where people state their opinion in a rude way, and down talk other people’s thoughts and dismiss feelings so quickly. Be wary around controversial subjects, so you state your opinion but don’t point out that anyone else’s is wrong, because maybe YOU are in the wrong after all. Remember, you might be on the internet but the people reading can be just as offended as in real life.

Competition. I put a lot of time into gathering followers and reading other peoples blogs through other social media sites. And still it is hard to find people who read my blog continuously as well as subscribe by email 🙁 If you are reading this, you should! Just on the bar to the right 😀 But really, there are a lot of blogs out there and it is hard to find people willing to read yours ^^ Nowadays I see a lot of popular blogs just getting more popular. 😉 The quote there is for those struggling with their blog getting noticed 🙂

Really, there isn’t more to it. I can’t think of anything I don’t like about blogging. If you want to see my pros list it’s a lot longer. In my opinion a blog is definitely something to start. So what if you don’t get many views. It’s still fun 😉 Have a good week!

Olivia-Savannah x

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