Intouchables: Movie Review

Intouchables: Movie Review

Hey there! Y’know I can never think of a better greeting
than this 😀

I’m here to mention a movie I watched, called Intouchables.
It’s a French movie, and I watched it with Dutch subtitles. I don’t know about
there being an English version, but I sincerely hope there is, because this is
great film. It’s one of those films that are based on a true story as well,
which makes me all the more for it.
I hope I can do it justice. This story follows a man called Driss
(played by Omar Sy) who is from difficult conditions, and his family is large
and falling apart. His mother worries too much about him and his brother is in
the wrong crowd. Looking for work, he works for a millionaire called Phillippe.
There is only one catch – Phillipe is paralyzed from his chest and shoulders
downwards. He can’t feel a thing. 

Driss’s energy and opinions as well as culture greatly
influence Philippe as they become fast friends. But Driss also learns something
from Philippe’s refined and formal taste. Seeing their friendship and how the
both change each other’s lives is an inspiration. This whole film is
inspirational. And being a true story, it’s all more for pulling at your heart
There isn’t much more I can say. Just mention that it’s
rated a twelve, and that I majorly suggest it.

Olivia-Savannah x

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