NOTD – City of Bones

NOTD – City of Bones

Hello Lovelies!

So are you wondering why I haven’t posted on Saturday? And I
why I probably won’t manage to post on Tuesday either? It’s because I’m away on
holiday to Warrick, in England! So basically, I’m only managing to post this
with temporary internet connection, and because I didn’t want to miss out on a
blogger challenge! This week’s topic is NOTD – and for all those who don’t know
what that means (it took me months in the blogger world to get this myself) it
means Nails of the day. Like how OOTD means outfit of the day J

I am fan of City of Bones by Classandra Clare. The whole
Mortal Instruments series I absolutely adoreeeeee! I wasn’t so pleased with the
casting for the  
movie, especially Jace. But the movie? It wasn’t too bad
because I laughed and laughed… and well it was hilarious! Not because it was
brilliant but oh well – I still like the series! After I watched the movie for
the first time I just wanted to reflect it on my nails, so this was the result: (btw, the colour is from Catrice. Affordable and quality brand!)

On my pointy fingers I painted hearts, and on my other fingers
I painted “runes: which are symbols the series uses. My pinky fingers had the
symbol of a shadowhunter, and the other the parabatai
symbol. I’m sure this means more to you if you’ve read the series 😉 Either
way, my challenge to you is to have fan art on your nails! Whether it’s Percy
Jackson, Doctor Who or whatever – find what you like from it and have fun!
What are you a fan of? Have you ever had fan art nails?
Olivia-Savannah x

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