Owl Liploss!

Owl Liploss!

Hi there Catastrophes!

Owls, owls, owls I love them. I have a locket with an owl on
it, a bracelet, earrings, a bag with an owl on it, and now three little cute
owls in my room too! I have them hanging on my wall – everywhere! Partly it’s
got something to do with my favourite Greek goddess, Athena, who’s symbol is an
owl. But I love how they symbolize wisdom. I love that their heads can creepily
turn all the way around, their sound and of course, their wings are awesome.
Have you ever seen an owl take flight?

Owls are just awesome. And as well as the mustache phase,
suddenly they’ve become a symbol used in shops a lot too. Suits me just fine –
perfect. I recently bought from BHS some lovely owls. These three friends.
You’re probably wondering what they are any use for. If you turn them upside
down and open the lid, you can see that they are liplosses! Blueberry,
raspberry and strawberry flavoured. They’re cute, small and easy to carry
around. As well as that, it’s flavoured liploss that doesn’t tint colour wise.
Yes, there is a small amount of glitter though. I’m not a big one for colour
tints in liploss. It just needs to be simple to satisfy me.

I highly recommend these little cheap beauties


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