Do-it-yourself! (with someone)

Do-it-yourself! (with someone)

Hey there!

I just wanted to start off by mentioning I have completed 3/65 things on my Spring Bucketlist! Today I hugged every member of my family, which was one point, and I also went into town and bought a berry smoothie. πŸ™‚

For this challenge we had to write something about bargaining or doing it yourself… and to be honest for the first time I was stumped. I haven’t been doing anything of this sort for a while… so I decided to do a do-it-with-someone πŸ˜€

A few weeks back at school we had different workshops for an activity week. Basically, we got to spray a lot of graffiti! It was pretty easy to pick up and after a few tries, it worked pretty well. I made one for the blog with my flag on it. It also has a musical note because I love music! There is an eye because I love reading, writing and just watching things! Weird I know, but honest :3 Here are the results!


I advise you try out graffiti, it’s super fun and not too hard to get the hang of!

Olivia-Savannah x 

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