How to Write a Poem

How to Write a Poem

Hey there folks!

So the other day I started my spring bucketlist, and seeing as there are two weeks holiday I hope to get a lot more of the tasks done soon! Seeing as I only blog twice a week I can’t tell you when I do every one, so I might make them combined in one post or perhaps even blog about them after spring as well! Anyways, for task 1/65 I had to write a poem about a rainy day. Seeing as I’m also doing NaPoWriMo this helped πŸ˜€

A lot of people want to break into poetry and don’t know how. So here are some tips on how I do it. Not necessarily how you have to.

1. I use a mind map. I try and have a topic or subject or theme to my poem. This is more so when I’m not hit by sudden inspiration but want to flesh out a single theme or something. Plonk that in the middle of your mind map and then I show ways I could represent it or words I want to use.

2. Organise my stanzas. (Form) I then make a list, like: 1st stanza: words: rain, smile, laugh and representation: holding hands, friends together or something like that. Then I know what I want to talk about in each stanza. I also decide whether or not I want four or five lines in a stanza, or to have some phrase repeated or not. Usually I used to say whatever about form – just write and let it be. Nowadays I’m more experimental when it comes to form.

3. Time to write it! Time to write what you’ve planned! I sometimes be mindful to try and use alliteration, metaphors and other poetic techniques. Sometimes they fit in perfectly and I don’t even have to think about it. When it’s a really raw or emotional poem I would just say forget this – if information this scribble down what you’re envisioning in your mind!

4. It’s time to share! (then edit) Let people read it! I’m don’t really share much of what I write with my family. If I really like it or am hyped about it, then maybe my lil sister and an older sister who writes as well can read it. Mostly I put it up on The Young Writers Society and get valuable feedback! Take all they say and what looks wrong to you after leaving it for a day, and tweak it!

Now, for the poem I wrote about a rainy day… It’s called ‘Oncoming Spring’ and is in the form of a Rubaiyat.

Don’t you love the heavy smell when it rains?
Drops rushing down your skin, taking the pain,
clearing away all your sins for a new
start after those months that drove you insane.
The tongue-lashes, belt-lashes you bared through
as the piles of snow slowly grew and grew.
Always trapped in the house, stuck in your room,
body and mind separated in two.
But hush now dear, for there shall be no doom.
Rain shall wash away all lingering gloom.
Because after the rain comes a warm spring
that makes happiness and smiles start to bloom. 
Olivia-Savannah x
Disclaimer: all pictures aren’t mine and are found on Pinterest.

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