5 Singers that Should be Famous!

5 Singers that Should be Famous!

Good evening everyone!

This weeks 2014 Blogger Challenge post is supposed to be about collections! I couldn’t think of a single thing to write, so I decided why not to make my very own collection on here! So, I give you, five female (yes, I’ll do a male one later) singers who I think should be more famous than they already are!

1. Gabrielle Aplin. I’ll admit, she is becoming more and more well known. But her voice is just so beautiful and every single one of her songs just take me somewhere else. I really think she should be more famous than she is. Also, she does write her own songs, but I like her cover of this well known one.

2. Shannon Saunders. I found her because of Disney Channel xD After that I could not stop listening to her song, Heart of Blue. It’s not the example below but I strongly advise you try it! I think she does a great job of writing her own lyrics, and has recently released an able. I love this new song of hers, so I though I should share it!

3. Skylar Grey. Okay, so this woman is already pretty famous. But she makes such individual and artistic songs, I love it. From her song Wear Me Out which is catchy with an awesome chorus to a weird creative song called Addicted To Love (listen to it twice before judging. At first I was like, what is this? Now I love it!) she pulls it off every time with her beautiful voice. I digging this song of hers at the moment, so I chose this one!

4. Leah McFall. She was second place on The Voice, and well, if you listen you can see what astonishing notes she can hit and how unique her voice sounds. She will soon be releasing an album but until then we have one single, which I absolutely adore!

5. Emma Jade. She was another contestant during the same season of The Voice Leah McFall was in. I love country music and her voice stuck with me so I wandered over to her Youtube channel to listen to more of the beautiful voice. Here goes!

So, this is my list of the top 5! I hope you look forward to part 2 coming soon as well.

Question of the post: Which artist do you like and wish was more famous?

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