Hey there lovely people!

This week’s Bloggers do it better challenge is bright and
neutral! Now I haven’t been very well prepared for this… and have almost
nothing. So I am coughing up something and *hoping* it kind of fits the
So! I have an NOTD for you! I got some Tiffany’s bright
red nail polish and I also used some Tanya Burr neutral nail polish which I got from
Eli (you guys should really check her out) in her brilliant giveaway. I then decided to add some nail
art, the theme being love! So with Rio nail pens and some creativity I made a
girl and a guy and put their two hearts atop stripes. My thumb nails both spell
love if the words aren’t clear. I think it is my best design yet!

And for those who want to see my clumsy left hand which I
am trying to improve as well…

What do you think of the design?

Olivia-Savannah x


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