Musical Madness: Beyonce

Musical Madness: Beyonce

Good morning everyone!

So I just wanted to say I have now done 7/65 things on my Spring bucket list! I watched the sunset from my window the other night (well, what I could see). And whenever I do my paper round I always go before the sun rises so I am out there as it does. There is this one moment where the sun is a blazing orange – my favourite colour! Lastly, I had to write a haiku about nature in spring. Here it is:

A budding flower,
a whisper on the calm wind
Spring is waking up.

Today’s 2014 blogger challenge is all about music. I would like to talk about music more often on my blog because it is a big part of my life really. I am a big fan of Beyoncé’s and she has recently released a new album, and I am going to tell you why I love it. It’s main theme is that perfection is a flawed concept.

1. Pretty Hurts is the first song on the track. What I love most about this song is that it questions what people do to be pretty – all the trouble and pain they put themselves through, as if nothing else matters. Now I am not pinpointing people who put a bit of make up on, but the message here is that you need to be happy over beautiful at all times. The question ‘what is your aspiration in life?’ really helps bring this across.

2. Haunted was one it took me a while to like, but in the end I loved. Beyoncé tells us that people are just working their life away, and why? She also talk-sings, which isn’t very common. My favourite line has to be, ‘Perfection is so… mhm.’ Like it doesn’t matter and this song doesn’t have to be perfect by their standards either.

3. Drunk in Love was easily the most catchy in my opinion. It’s just Jay-Z and Beyoncé having a good time singing and rapping together, letting us see a bit of what their love is like. Beyoncé herself raps in this too, which I absolutely loved hearing!

4. Blow is something else. It’s got a disco-y type of sound to it and the clip is great: lots of neon and hip rollerblading like in those party times. Again, singing about love with her sweet voice, reminding me of her older song ‘Naughty girl.’

5. No Angel has been a favourite of mine for a long time. I love the idea that she’s saying ‘I’m no angel either.’ So many people have someone in their mind who is better than them and above them, but just remember that you’re no angel, just you, and they’re no angel either. We can all climb the same obstacles if we try, but again, no one is perfect.

6. Partition/Yonce introduces us to her new alter ego Yonce. Here we have Beyoncé experimenting with her rapping and a sick beat to match with it. I love these songs so much because they have such great rhythm and an awesome R&B best.

7. Jealous can be seen as great as her song ‘Start Over.’ This is just a classic Beyoncé song, something that reminds me a lot of her old sound. Although this album brings across a new style she still has kept a bit of the old in there too.

8. Rocket this seductive love sing is my absolute tip top fave on the track! It’s a composition of musical genius, and if you haven’t heard it you NEED to! Parts of this were freestyled by her as well, which makes me see her as all the more awesome.

9. Mine (with Drake) seems to be talking about doubting herself, or particularly a relationship. But what comes across most is how she is continually talking about her lover being ‘mine’ meaning hers and hers alone. To stop fussing about it because they’re all she wants.

10. XO is probably my least favourite. It isn’t bad, but it seems the most commercial, and probably is one liked by most people.

11. Flawless is a seeming continuation of ‘Bow Down.’ It seemed a bit too explicit for my liking at first, but grew on me. The idea that there is always someone above you, so you have to be prepared to ‘Bow Down’ and also to remember you are flawless just the way you are. “I woke up like this – flawless.”

12. Super power (Frank Ocean) is rhythmic magic. With a smooth beat and lulling lyrics, I can’t get enough.

13. Heaven is a beautiful sad and sweet ballad about losing someone, namely a best friend to you. “Heaven couldn’t wait for you, so go home, go home,” is telling us that heaven wanted you so badly, it needed you now.

14. Blue (with Blue Ivy’s voice!) Firstly can I just say Blue’s laugh is the cutest thing ever! Also, this just shows how far Beyoncé has come, with her child. You can tell in this song that she absolutely loves her and is ready to give it all to her as a mother. A great way to sum it all up.

15. *Grown Woman* This is more so a bonus track on the DVD with the visual album. I love this and whenever my parents tell me to do something I always say, “I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want.” The video has flashbacks from Beyoncé’s past and the hear and now… showing how she has truly grown. Also this video mixes her growth with her culture as well, particularly the ending. I cannot get enough.

What do you think of visual albums? Are you a fan of Beyoncé’s?
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