The Recruit: Book review

The Recruit: Book review

Hello c: Book review time! I’m going to review a whole
series, and that means my main focus will be on book one. So here goes!

The book first book is called The Recruit by Robert
Muchamore. It’s about spies – teenager spies, and I know a lot of guys and
girls alike have enjoyed reading them since they’ve been published. Including
me J

The series follows James who is a troubled teen. They
live on the rough end of life and he has some anger management problems.
Following some events his mother dies, leaving him and his younger sister
Lauren to be separated into different foster homes. Little does he know that a
spy company called Cherub has their eye on him, and test him to see whether he
fits the bill to join them or not.

I think all the characters here are realistic and I
enjoyed this so much because it was a step up from the Alex Rider series. James
talks and acts like I would expect some young teenage guys to, and yet there’s
so much more to him. And although he does become this young spy he deals with a
lot of problems anyone else at his age would. Missing his mother, worrying
about Lauren, and of course, trying to get girls 😉

In general the missions that I’ve read so far in the
story have been really interesting, and just get better in time. It’s sometimes
a case of whodunit, and sometimes a case of how did they do it. But either way,
I know it’s a mystery that I’m going to enjoy. That’s why I would give the
series in general four out of five stars. I highly recommend it to any
teenagers just hitting thirteen and above ^^

If you want to buy this book you can here!
Olivia-Savannah x
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