Top 10: Things I Learned from Finding Nemo!

Top 10: Things I Learned from Finding Nemo!

Hello, hello and hello to you too.

Recently a mate of mine (forced) me to re-watch Finding
Nemo ๐Ÿ˜› I had always remembered the film as okay and hadnโ€™t bothered with it in
years. I discovered after watching it recently that I absolutely love Dory and
Nemo! I couldnโ€™t stand Marlin, which turned out being the reason why I thought
it was okay, seeing as he stars throughout the majority of the movie. There
were many things that Finding Nemo taught me as well, so I made a list of my
top 10!

Be optimistic.

If there is food it is MINE!

Itโ€™s okay to name everything you set your eyes

Touch the clouds, because other people can’t get to you that way.

Sometimes you donโ€™t know what is going to happen.

Australianโ€™s are cool.

Donโ€™t let a little disability stop you from
doing anything.

Speaking whale is the best. 

You can be mates with people and you donโ€™t have
to know their name.

Just keep swimming!  

What did you think of Finding Nemo?

Olivia-Savannah Roach

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