City of Heavenly Fire (Book Review)

City of Heavenly Fire (Book Review)

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(Review is without spoilers)


Today I want to review a book I have waited a very long
time to read. It’s called City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare, and if you
know me, I have been submersed in this book ever since it arrived on my
doorstep. I have waited a very long time to have this ending to the series.

The story follows the Lightwoods as always, and also
introduces some new characters, like the Blackthorns and the Cairstairs. At
first I wasn’t sure if I liked these new characters being there because this is
the final book and it seemed like Clare had just wanted to add a side story.
But in the end I was grateful for it, because as always, in the end everything
really ties together. As I was saying before, the Lightwoods face the same
enemy as they have in the two books prior to this one – Sebastian, who is ready
to wreak havoc as he always is, and has new alliances which make him stronger
than ever.

I really loved reading this, loved to know how it all
ended. I will admit this book didn’t quite make it in comparison to all the
other ones. It was very good – don’t get me wrong; I was hooked from the very
first page. But it wasn’t as addicting, as terrifying or as satisfying as I
wanted it to be. But that’s just me being harsh and comparing.

My favourite part of the novel was the end. Regardless of
whether some vital characters are missing or not (hehe, you’ll have to read it
to find out), or if the ending was a happy or sad one, I loved seeing it all
come together and seeing the final words printed. You can just close the book
and breathe, realising that you’ve come on quite the journey since you started
book one, wondering if it was going to be as good as everyone says. There are
always good and bad sides to ending a series.
I am looking forwards to the book Cassandra Clare is
promising to release in 2015, another in the Shadowhunter world but not in the
Mortal Instruments series. She has a lot of series I have yet to even start
reading, like the Infernal Devices and Bane Chronicles. I am actually longing
for her to release a book outside of the Shadowhunter world, just to see
whether her writing style changes or what it will be like. I am going to dive
into the Infernal Devices next I think, I just need a bit of a break first. I
am still trying to heal from knowing a series I love is over. *sniffles*

Olivia’s Question: How do you feel when you get to the
end of a series, or a really good book?

Olivia-Savannah x

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