Hairspray [2007] (Movie Review)

Hairspray [2007] (Movie Review)

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Haispray is a musical that was released in 2007. Starring
Zac Efron, Nikki Blonsky, Queen Latifah, Amanda Bynes and many many more, this
makes a great movie filled with music and meaning as well.

The movie is about a girl called Tracey and how she
dreams to dance on the Corny Collins show on television. She’s also had her eye
on Link, the lead male star for ages. When she finally gets her place, Amber
who is the leading female on the show faces some competition. Tracey also makes
some new friends, and realizes how unfair it is that “negroes” and “whites”
can’t dance on the same show. She wants to change that.

Although the movie had a slow beginning, with too many
songs after each other for my liking, once it started to reach its climax as
well as facing the segregation problems, I was hooked. The characters were
funny and interesting, and the acting from all the actors/actresses was
exceptionally well done.
Another thing I absolutely love about this film are the
costumes! The movie is set in the 60’s so you get lovely fluffy dresses… oh I
how I would love to own one of those! And the big hairdo’s which are stiff from
all the hairspray. The movie just captured in the setting and time perfectly.

Seeing as it’s a musical, there were plenty of songs! My
favourite ones are: Mama welcome to the 60’s, Ladies Choice, Run and Tell that
as well as the end song! I need to get the soundtrack of this film…

The film also deals with the issue of integration. It’s a
family film so it’s nothing explicit and it doesn’t really show the more
hardship sides of this issue. But it does show how so many people were against
it, and what the negroes as well as some whites who were for the cause did.
There isn’t any violence though, so it’s still suitable for that age range. The
message I got at the end of the film is that without love, what else is there?
And to always stand up for what you believe is right 🙂
So, I have rewatched this musical countless times, and if
you’ve never seen it and don’t mind musicals … then you best go see this!
Buy it here!
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