If Keyboards Could Talk…

If Keyboards Could Talk…


Help! My catastrophe today is that my keyboard won’t stop speaking to me! It keeps saying things like:

“You should be doing that boring essay. No I don’t like typing it either, but get off Pinterest. Then the mouse gets all the attention.”

“Please, stop the story writing! You’re making my keys ache and I know that when you write a story, you go on for hours. Yes it is interesting, but I’ve had enough. That’s it, I am going to talk to Writer’s Block and ask it to hinder you again!”

“Why are you never on Facebook? Chatting to people is the best and I don’t get why you hate it so much… oh here we go again, another blog post.”

You get the idea xD I think my keyboard is fed up with how much I use it half the time, and most likely is plotting against me somehow. I’m worried it will spit out some of my secrets though. Things like:

1. I type super fast, and I only use three fingers to do so. One on my left hand, the point one. And the pointy and middle one on the right.

2. I have a mousepad on my laptop but I managed to break it somehow without breaking the whole laptop, so I have a wireless mouse.

3. When I chat with people online I write messages to them sometimes I know I would never really tell them and just delete it. Because it feels so daring knowing I could accidently press enter instead of backspace (yes it has happened a few times.)

4.My productivity is highest between 5am – 11 am and then 11pm to 5-am. Really, I think this means I need to switch around my sleep schedules. If only school would let me.

Okay, I think we’ve heard quite enough from my keyboard. I best say goodbye before it starts giving away secrets like how often I am on my laptop. Which is practically all the time šŸ˜›

Olivia’s Question: What would your keyboard say if it could speak? 

Olivia-Savannah x
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