Recipe to Life: 2014 Blogger Challenge

Recipe to Life: 2014 Blogger Challenge

Good evening everyone!

Today for the 2014 blogger challenge we are supposed to
be writing a post about meals. I have been really busy lately and totally
forgot about photographing any of my meals whatsoever! But I have decided
recipes have something to do with meals (can’t make a meal without one!) So
then a recipe to life is sorta related, right? 😉 So here is my recipe to MY
life, although YOURS might be a little bit different!

Love your family

I know what you’re thinking. Olivia, that is harder than
just writing it. Trust me, I know! I argue with my lil sis an awful lot, but
ultimately I know I would do anything for her and love her to bits. The same
goes with anyone in my family!

Make a friend (or in my case, a couple)

Having best friends are important! They are awesome for
hanging with, talking to and always there for you! I have three absolutely best
friends here in this country, and one all the way in my home country.


Yeah, I don’t care whether you love reading or hate it, I
think everyone should at least try it out once! I live inside books, each one
taking me through a different life and leaving me different when I crawl back
out in the end. Everyone deserves this awesome experience at least once!

Write (or sing, or dance, or whatever makes you
Find an online community for this too!

I love to write And that’s just one of my hobbies! I have
others too, but the main thing here is to find a hobby you love and go do it!
Who’s gonna stop you? Also, find other people who love it too! I have an online
community (Young Writers Society) who are all well, writers, and I don’t think
I’ve come across a single un-awesome person on there yet! You like basketball?
Join a team! Like dancing? Join a dance crew!

It’s awesome to see other lands than the ones you are
from or living in. Recently I went to Cyprus and that was just great! Make sure
you see a little of different lands too, and really dig into that culture 😉

Waste time (whether sleeping, surfing the web or
watching movies and shows, I don’t care!)

My fave way to do this is movies and shows. But I think
everyone deserves lazy time to kick back and relax. The best thing to do after
a chaotic day!

Make a bucketlist and go out there and do it.

I love dreaming of things to do, and then going and
actually doing it! The best feeling is crossing things off as well. Here’s my bucket list in motion, I still need to add a few things!

Go to school

Sometimes I hate this, but I feel blessed to have an
education, really. And I am going to work harder at it as well. There is so
much to learn, so many different ways to think… Sometimes it’s kinda hard to
cram it all in there, but I can understand why they do this to us.

Do something you don’t want to do (it means you
can work through anything)

As said, when you get through something you really don’t
want to do, it means you can really work through anything. So, whether it be
chores or getting over a fear, go do it!

Don’t be optimistic or pessimistic, be an

Last but not least, I know it’s impossible to be happy
all the time, and thinking for the best. It’s also really depressing to be
negative all the time. I went through my pessimistic period and made it my New Years Resolution to change this, and I am glad I managed to! Be an opportunist!
When opportunity sneaks around, go for it! 

Olivia’s Question: What would be on your recipe for life?

Olivia-Savannah x
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