Seraphina (Book Review)

Seraphina (Book Review)

Hello there everyone. I hope you are having a good weekend c:

I just finished reading a book called ‘Seraphina’ by
Rachel Hartman. It was more of a spontaneous thing, because I had never heard
of this author before and it was suggested to me by my most trusted librarian. J It’s a fantasy book
which is the first in a trilogy.

A kingdom where dragons and humans have lived in peace is
now at the brink of war. The brutal murder of the prince that looks like it was
committed by a dragon sets the people on edge and the kingdom into chaos.
Seraphina, a musician who has learnt to manage both humans and dragons equally
well without favor to one or the other, soon finds her life in terrible danger as
she is caught up in the middle of the turmoil. Her secret gift may be able to
aid her in these difficult times. Can one girl unite two opposing races?

This book took me a while to get into. I think the first
few pages were a bit slow… I didn’t quite understand what was happening exactly
and the way the book jumps from present day, to flashback, and then to her
dreams was kind of unexpected, so I wasn’t sure what was reality or not for a
while. After the first 25 pages though, I got into the rhythm of it and sort of
understood things better. On top of that, the love interest became clear there,
and I mean – who doesn’t love a bit of romance?

I really loved Prince Kigg’s character the most, although
Seraphina follows closely behind. Prince Kigg’s is a reflective, observant and
good-natured person. He’s someone who is likely to fight for peace, isn’t
afraid of what is different and notices everything around him. I’d see him as a
wise person, and if he wasn’t a fictional character definitely someone I would
love to know ^^

My favourite chapter has to be the last one. It had me on
the edge of my seat, squealing in delight! I would rate this novel three out of
five. It has the capability to be a four but the beginning brought it down a
bit in that standard. Rachel Hartman definitely has a unique style to her
writing, and I think that took a while for me to latch on to as well, which
made the beginning even harder. But you get used to it, and I definitely want to read the sequel

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