Top 10: Reasons Why I Read!

Top 10: Reasons Why I Read!
Good morning everyone!
This past week I have been doing a lot of reading, and I have a lot of reading to do this holiday as well! Which is why, since I have been thinking so much about books, I wanted to a book related post. (I know, again… I might even end out a book blogger for all I know xD) Alas, here they are!
1. Boosting my imagination. Don’t books just make your imagination run away with you? This is one reason I love them. Besides, I need a creative imagination for my writing as well :3
2. Books lull me to sleep. Well, actually, I read for half an hour before I go to sleep. Much more lulling than staring at a computer screen, and well, then you can read about whatever you read. If you want to 😉

3. Libraries are awesome. I love sitting in a library to work or read, knowing that you’re there with a bunch of people who like to read too, or want the peace. You might not be talking to them, but it’s awesome to be in that atmosphere. At least for me. Maybe you prefer books but it being louder? Than hit the book store. ^.^
4. Escape. A lot of readers will say this: books take you somewhere else. No matter how boring or dull your life can get, books will always be there to lift you up. And as well as this, when you can’t travel or meet new people because of pressing things where you are, books can go do this for you. I love it…
5. You’re never going to run out. It’s never ending! There is always a new book to pick up, a different genre, new plot twists, new characters, new worlds… It’s never ending. It’s up to you where you want to go next.
6. Kindles vs. Books. This may not be a reason to love reading exactly, but I wanted to put my little piece of wisdom into this argument xD Books may be better than kindles. There’s the sensation of turning pages, the feel, the smell, the printed words – beside the fact that reading books has nothing to do with a screen. But let’s admit, you need a kindle too! Lots of free classics and reads, as well as a never ending amount of books. Two bookshelves full and you want more? Then just download 200 books on your kindle instead xD
7. Books can change you. I really mean it. It’s just like how people say watch the company you keep, because they will affect you. Books will too. Want to know how? Go read a couple and see how you turn out 😉

8. Reading is all about perspective. Two people can read the same book and take totally different morals from it, find different parts they love and different things the story focuses on. Yes, there is usually a big thing the writer kind of directs you to, but it’s also up to you. What do you take out of this book?
9. Books are better than the movies. I have only had one occasion where I think the movie was actually better than the book. I think that would have to be Catching Fire for me, because I didn’t find the Hunger Games that spectacular, although they were addicting. In all other cases – the book is often better.
10. And now for a list of other reasons why I find books awesome! (A list in a list… list-ception)

Olivia’s Question: Do you like to read? Why?

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