Camping in Amsterdam!

Camping in Amsterdam!

Hey there guys!

You may or may not be wondering why there was no usual Tuesday post. Well, let me tell you – I was off camping! That’s right, me, probably one of the most un-camperish people you can know went camping with my whole class in Amsterdam. So, I decided to let you know what we did, and show you some pictures!

We took photos in traditional Dutch clothing, cycled 46km, had a BBQ, went to a theme park (Walibi World!) and just chilled all together. It was super fun ^.^

This is us cycling the 46km… it was actually a really nice ride, and the surroundings were nice.


Chilling in Volendam, a traditional Dutch village.




Mah besties with one behind the camera too xD



Walking around town with the gang ^.^



Of course, there was going to be a cheese shop somewhere. I mean, this is the Netherlands.








Those photographic moments šŸ˜›


Le campsite



And some snaps of rides in Walibi World!
Olivia’s Question: Have you been to Amsterdam? Would you ever want to go to the Netherlands?
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