Angeions (Book Review) & Giveaway!

Angeions (Book Review) & Giveaway!

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Today I am going to be reviewing an ebook called
‘Angeions’ by Inspirus Mwanake. I picked this up because the author himself
asked me to review this. Regardless of this, it doesn’t affect the review
whatsoever, because I always review honestly.

This books is about Nick, who meets Aella after having a
mysterious dream. Once he finds her, his world spirals into one where magic,
war, and spiritual realms exist. Where Gods and Fallen angels battle each other
on earth, against the human’s knowledge. Once his eyes have been open to all
this, Nick has a choice to make. Which side will he battle on? Will the
beautiful Angeion (human beings with the ability to free their spirits from
their bodies and manipulate the forces of nature in amazing ways) Aella affect
his decision, or will the villain Aquarius writhe his way into his heart?

When it comes to the characters, I was slowly drawn in.
Aella is a character you can fall in love with quickly. She’s ladylike and
graceful, but you wouldn’t want to cross her in a fight because she definitely
knows how to kick butt! She loves her family, but when she is faced with her
own choice when it comes to love, she struggles more than she thought she
would. I think it was the perfect way to show it can be difficult to accept
love at first, especially the type that doesn’t just relate to family. She was
my favourite character, and I believe she developed the most throughout the
story as well. Nick was a good character, but apart from the beginning and
then, we don’t read too much into his point of view, so I couldn’t quite match
him to her.

As for the plot… at first I thought it was going along
the basic storyline. Then at one point the plot hook sunk right into me and I
was drawn on from there. We get some lovely flashbacks with supply a lovely
backstory to the characters (gotta love backstory ^^) and the suspense got to me!
There was an amazing plot twist which I would’ve never seen coming, and had me
staring at my kindle for a while, begging for it to not be true! I won’t give
any spoilers though, so you will have to see for yourself 😉

The setting isn’t wonderfully described, but the new
concept of Anegions as a being made up for it. Learning the extent of their
abilities and the possibilities was a great journey. There was also some
biblical references I believe, which you can dig out for yourself ^.^ I think
the thing that struck me the most was how much darkness there was in this
world, and the fact that only a few good things came from it.

Overall, I would rate this book a three out of five
stars because took a while for the hook to
sink in. Not that it was a slow beginning, but it just wasn’t as captivating as
the middle or the end.

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