Legacy: Glow (Book Review & Giveaway!)

Legacy: Glow (Book Review & Giveaway!)


For my first ever giveaway here on Olivia’s Catastrophe I
will be reviewing Legacy: Glow by
Phillip Mcsween. This was a requested review but as always I write with the
freedom of honesty for the benefit of my readers.

This sci-fi book follows Bartok and Klarvid, two brothers
who live on Lyre where everyone is separated by rank. Bartok, a fourteen year
old finds it hard to get by being an Eight of Diamonds in a world where Face
ranks rule. But when there is an opportunity to become a Guardian, a new top
ranking job, Bartok can’t wait to take it. Then he finds out the catch to his
plan of fame and wealth: he has to take his six year old brother Klarvid along
for the ride as well. That aside, can he make it through the Testing and become
the amazing role of a Guardian?

 At the beginning of the story I found it a little bit
difficult to catch on with all the slang language they were using in this new
world. But then I quickly caught on because the words were similar to the
English ones and just little replacements. Once I realised this I started to
enjoy the book a whole lot more. I liked the idea of people trying to break out
of what had been labelled their ‘rank’ and also the idea of having to work with
family whether wanting to or not. As well as this, the book also briefly
touches on lots of other topics as well as they go through the Testing and
other difficulties. Yes, there is some action in this book, but what I enjoyed
most was seeing a family come together and the idea of people breaking out of
their label. I think it’s a lesson we can also learn and apply in this world

The characters were a bit hard for me to relate to as
well, but you can really see them develop throughout the story too. I think my
favourite has to be Bartok because he is really a loving guy who wouldn’t want
to harm the people he loves and tries to protect them. I believe that through
this aspect of him I managed to find myself as well. As for Klarvid, he’s
really intelligent and also someone who really looks up to other people – as
most six year olds would do. Sometimes I found that he really didn’t act like a
six year old but older, which didn’t really fit.

The writing style was a little simplistic at times and
there were some typos in here, but the more I read, the less it mattered
because the story was really coming alive by then. The ending will definitely
keep hold of you until you find out the truth about what has been happening and
the story behind the mystery.

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Olivia’s Question: If you had to choose between saving a
loved family member or the whole world, which would you choose and why?

Olivia-Savannah x

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