Perfect Portugal!

Perfect Portugal!
Hey there!
So again, you must be curious about my activity which suddenly dropped once again. Well, I was on holiday, this time in Portugal on a family trip! While I was there it didn’t take me long to realise that Portugal is a really beautiful country, even though it is a little bit dry. I loved my time there and we did all sorts of fun things – from boat trips to jeep safaris, and plenty of meals out as well ^.^
The villa we were staying at was pretty beautiful in itself! Although I did get bitten by a lot of mosquitos, it was a good place to stay :3

The villa had a pool and well, swimming is fun!

On the way to the beach…
The beach! (Credits to Clive Roach for this picture.)
I am carrying my sister at the beach because… that’s just the type of thing older sisters make you do xD

Then we went to Foia, the highest place in Algrave (the region we were in) The view was amazing and the clouds looked so close! Oh, and this is a picture of me and all my sisters.

 This is some images of the jeep safari. We got to stand up in the car which was awesome 😀 I also learnt that cork grew on trees which was something I never knew before 😀
Olivia’s Question: Have you ever been to Portugal? Would you want to go?
Olivia-Savannah x

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