Top 10: Things I learned from The Incredibles

Top 10: Things I learned from The Incredibles

Hi folks!

In the light of rewatching one of my favourite movies, The Incredibles, I decided to do another top 10 post of things I picked up in the film 🙂 So sit back, enjoy, and then go and watch the film yourself! I am almost 100% sure you will love it as much as I do.

1. A family is the best team you’re ever going to get.


 2. Us girls can save the world too 😉


3. Never look back. There’s too much going for you in the future and the present.

4. Who you are matters.

5. Deal with the things that bother you in the past instead of burying them. Otherwise they will come back and bother you again.

6. Things that even look like spiders are still evil.

7. Your wife is gonna be the greatest good you ever get!

8. Different is great!
9. Pull yourself together! Confront your problems instead of moaning about them.

10. A girl will always find the time to stop and check her reflection.

Now you better go and watch the movie! I almost guarantee that you will enjoy it a lot by the end of it. It left me thinking:

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