Carpe Diem – Dead Poets Society 1/5

Carpe Diem – Dead Poets Society 1/5

Hi there guys!

After watching the move Dead Poets Society for the first
time recently, and absolutely loving it, I decided to write a series of 5 posts
(so come back and check every Saturday!) about the life lessons we can gather
from the movie. And while we’re at it, I would love to mention the very first
one that we find.
Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Make every day unique.

Now, I am pretty sure you hear these same things every
day. But then again, when you’re going to work every day, how is it possible to
change something every day? Do something new and escape the habit of living day
to day?

It could be something big, like planning a trip to a
country you’ve never been to before. It could be getting married or having a
big party. But then there are also smaller things you could do. I am going to
share with you the things I am going to try and do this week. And I hope you
will get inspired to do something new yourself!

Monday – Listen to music I don’t listen to. A new artist,
a new group. Who knows? I might like it.

Tuesday – Talk to someone I usually don’t talk to.
Striking up conversations has never been my strong point seeing as I am as shy
as it gets. This one will be a toughie J

Wednesday – Go somewhere I have never been before. I
fully intend to do all my homework and cycle out and keep going, until I lose
myself and end up somewhere new. And as I come back home, I am going to admire
the area I am in.

Thursday – Dabble at photography. It’s something that
looks cool to do, something I will probably be rubbish at. But I am going to go
outside and dabble with my camera seize the day, trying it out!

Friday – Create something new. Craft time! What can I
make that I have never tried to before?

Saturday – Eat something new. I will try and crack open
my recipe book to make something that I’ve yet to taste.

Sunday – Write a postcard to a good friend who lives
abroad, and send it. Sometimes it’s good to get a reminder that you haven’t
been forgotten, and someone put in a bit of an effort for you.
I may not be Buddhist, but Buddha does say this pretty well. We always think we have time, but what if we don’t?

Olivia’s Question: How will you seize the day?

Olivia-Savannah x
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