Conformity – Dead Poets Society 2/5

Conformity – Dead Poets Society 2/5

Hi there!

Are you ready for the second discussion post based off
life lessons you can gather from Dead Poets Society? Last week we talked about
seizing the day, and now I would love to talk about conformity.

For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, the idea of
conformity is shown in the best way possible. Three people are told to march
after each other, one behind the other. And after marching for a little while,
they all start marching to the same beat. One boy claps along to this beat, and
soon all the others are too. What is later pointed out is that they have all
conformed to what the others were doing around them, and none of them were
being original.

And I think there are many of us who are like that in the
world. I have been thinking about it lately, and even managed to write a poem
down about it. Conformity can happen to anyone at any time. We see people
wearing the same type of clothing, so we try it out too. People like this
movie, so let’s go see it ourselves. Everyone hates Twilight? Well, let’s hate
it too. (Okay, yes I love Twilight. So yes, I put that example in there xD)

Let’s make the decision to be ourselves from now on. Even the Bible (Romans 12:2) tells us not to conform, and you don’t have to be a believer to believe that ^^ 

There may be different ways that each person goes about
doing this, so I can’t really tell you what
exactly to do.
But I can help you a little bit. Every morning, say this to

My name is _.

I believe _.

And today I am going to show it. I will not conform.

I could even do it myself. So to the blogger world:

My name is Olivia.

I believe in my God Almighty, I believe reading is a way
of life and music is something that fuses me with energy. I write all my
emotions down because I rubbish at sharing them verbally, and I write a diary to make
sense of my muddle of thoughts. I love my blog and believe there is always something
you could be doing and I think sleep can be really boring and takes up time.

These are things I believe, and I won’t let anyone change

Olivia’s Question: What is one way you think you have
conformed to society in? How can you claim this back?

Olivia-Savannah x
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