Seven Sneezes (Book review & Giveaway!)

Seven Sneezes (Book review & Giveaway!)


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Today the book I am going to be reviewing is called Seven
Sneezes by David Burton. I picked it up because it sounded like a calm and
sweet romance, not something like action or adventure. My mind needed a break
from all those fast paced books and I couldn’t wait to try this one out.

The story follows through Lizzy’s life, as in her whole
life. We first see her as a child who struggles through her father leaving her
with her mother. Gradually she grows up and we get to see her going through her
teens and then leaving school. Of course, the romance is not too far to follow,
and we continue to stick with Lizzy up until her death. A lot happens in that
time, and I am sure Lizzy experiences a little bit of everything.

I am super happy I picked up this book, because it has
that calm drama that I love and cherish. We really need more books like this
one. When I picked it up my mind imagined it to be a bit more based on the
romance, so when it was sort of quicker than anticipated (Note: NOT insta-love,
but just not the long span focus of the story) I was a bit surprised. But it
didn’t matter much because the rest of the book was just as good.

Lizzy is a character anyone could love. After struggling
through a difficult childhood, she tries to be strong and independent. Someone
most people can rely on, and yet has a difficult time getting along with people
no matter how h 
ard she tries to be a good person. I honestly can relate to
this, which made me love her as a character all the more. Another character I
loved was Barry because something important happens to him *no spoilers* and he
manages to keep a positive attitude all the way through it. It reminded me of
my little sister as well, and how she always tries to be independent regardless
and keep her chin up!

This book was definitely good. In fact, I would give it
the full five of five stars, and strongly recommend it. I hope you try it
someday. David Burton is definitely an author that should be a bit bigger in my

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