Top 10: Things to do when back from abroad!

Top 10: Things to do when back from abroad!

Hi there! I hope you are all having a good weekend! 

So this summer, I’ve done a few bits of travelling, and what I
would like to share with you guys is my top 10 things I like to do when I get
back from a trip. Maybe you’ve had similar experiences or you have something specific
you do too? Well, without further ado, here they are!

Be hyper

My initial response to be home is always hyperness. I
jump around in public and do things I wouldn’t usually do, like actively pose
for a lot of pictures, sing out loud and run towards the car that is going to
be taking me home. It surprised me the first time I did it too, but I was just
so happy to be back!

Hug my family, and sometimes cry (if they
weren’t there with me)

If my family haven’t been there with me, I will have
undoubtedly missed them, whether I was there for a single day or three weeks.
Eat food I love or crave
When I came back from China my welcome home dinner was
ribs and rice (some of my favourite foods) and I was really REALLY craving my
every day bowl of cereal seeing as I didn’t have any while I was there at all.
A simple food to miss but I did. So. And my father surprised me with this amazing meal as well 😀


Jetlagged or not, sleep is good after being away. I’m not
the only person who misses their own bed, am I?

Check emails and plug back into the internet

Usually when we go on holiday we don’t have internet
connection. I don’t really mind most times; I actually like unplugging. It’s
the plugging back in that is more of a challenge. Emails sure like to pile up.

Get back to blogging

 I gotta tell you all what I’ve been off doing and why I
stopped posting suddenly!

Sort through the travel photos

 So I can show you guys of course! 

Talk to my mates back home

It’s not just family I miss 😉

Read early in the morning in the peace and quiet
My father recently bought us a double swing chair that is
put outside. I like waking up early, having breakfast by myself and then
sneaking outside to read with a good book. So peaceful and quiet. Mmm ^^
Be alone
At heart, I’m an introvert. When it comes to travelling I
usually am sharing a room with someone and that means constantly spending time
with someone always there. No problem for me, I can usually stay pleasant and
just enjoy the trip altogether. But when I come back, I love catching up on
that alone time I missed out on.” rel=”nofollow”>a Rafflecopter giveaway

Olivia’s Question: What do you like doing when you get
back from travelling?


Olivia-Savannah Roach x
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