Waiting for Dusk (Book Review + Giveaway!)

Waiting for Dusk (Book Review + Giveaway!)

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I read this book on request of the author. It’s called Waiting for Dusk by Nancy Pennick, and
it’s the first in a trilogy.

The book follows Katie, who is feeling pretty bored in
her summer holiday. All of that changes when she picks up a back and realizes
it takes her back in time, and meets the boy of her dream. Is it all a dream,
or is she really time traveling? Determined to find the truth and willing to
leave the real world behind, has Katie gone too far this time? And will her
waking up and finding her book missing change anything?

I thought the plot was a great idea and I loved reading
about it. I have been reading quite a few books with romance in them which I
don’t usually do :3 But I think this was one romance where it is does happen a
little fast, but over the course of the novel you can see how sincere it is. I
approve of time travel as well, seeing as I am an avid Doctor Who fan xD This
was a different spin on it, but still nice to read.

Katie was a character who at first I didn’t like and then
I began to love. When she’s bored with her holiday she sounds a bit spoilt, but
gradually she grows up and we can see her forming a determined, passionate and
risk taking character. She would do anything for the people she loves. And I
don’t just mean the love interest – I also mean her family and friends. She
also has a difficult thing to deal with which is an almost stalker-ish boy who
won’t let her alone. I think Pennick managed to handle this concept and idea

Sometimes the style seemed a bit off putting to me. Katie
travels into the past and has no trouble adjusting to the olden ways. And
sometimes the emotions seemed to change too suddenly or someone was just a bit
too easily convinced with a few words. But other than that, it’s the only fault
I can find in this!

In general this was a good book with a lovely cover! I
would suggest it to girls mostly, because the romance element was a large
portion of it. But it was super fun to read and I would give it a three stars!
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Olivia’s Question: If you could time travel, what time
would you want to go visit?

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