Burning Bright by Sophie Mckenzie

Burning Bright by Sophie Mckenzie

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Title: Burning Bright (Book #2 in River & Flynn

Author:  Sophie
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK

Published Date:  January 3rd 2013
Rating: 4 stars

I wanted to tell you about these two books in an awesome
romance trilogy I love reading. The first book is called ‘Falling Fast’ by
Sophie Mckenzie, and the second (the one I just read) is called ‘Burning
Bright’. It’s a romance series, and definitely a chick-lit.

The series follows River and Flynn. River is smitten when
she first sets her eyes on Flynn in the first book while he acts Romeo in a
school play. But Flynn has a rough past and has trouble dealing with things in
the present because of it. Will this drive a wedge between Flynn and River, or
will they be able to deal with it together?

I loved River’s character. She has something that I’m
sure any female teenager can relate to. Whether it’s a problem in her love
life, insecurities about her appearance or the general image of a lady, or
trusting her friends, River has the problem. She’s a girl who follows her heart
and is always struggling to see the difference between right and wrong, because
in real life it’s not as easy as some people think it looks. And that is what I
love about her as a character. She’s always trying, and never giving up on
people, no matter how many times she’s been let down.


I think Sophie McKenzie is an underrated author and
should definitely be more well-known than she is! Which is why I hope to review
a lot more of her books. So, go try this out! Any teenage girls or chick-lit
lovers should charge straight for it. It has an awesome story, and the second
book also deals a lot with controlling anger. I have yet to read the third
myself though. I would give book one four out of five stars. I loved it.

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