Perspective – Dead Poets Society 3/5

Perspective – Dead Poets Society 3/5

Good morning J

Welcome to post three about Dead Poets Society, where we
discuss life lessons that the movie teaches us! In the previous post we talked
about conformity, and seizing the day. Today’s post is going to be all about perspective! I have read some great posts over at
Jumping Gene, a blog I follow, and I thought it fit in well with a life lesson
in the movie as well. You check them out here and here.

Unless we are up in the air, or down under the sea, we’re
always looking at things from one perspective. And even though there is so much
to see, don’t you think it ever gets boring? In the movie the boys all take
turns standing on a desk, and looking at the classroom with a different
perspective than they have before. I did try this myself in my bedroom. And
yes, you do notice things you never have before.

But there is such a thing as empathy as well, which I
find to be something that goes hand in hand with this topic. We can see things
from various others points of view, and that can be taking on a new perspective
as well. Doing this is especially difficult if the person has an opinion on a
topic or something you don’t quite agree with, or if they’re not someone you
particularly like. But I dare you. I dare you to take on this challenge of
seeing something from another’s perspective today.


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Olivia’s Question: What is something you personally
disagree with but others might find perfectly fine?

Olivia-Savannah x

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