Poetry Love – Dead Poets Society 4/5

Poetry Love – Dead Poets Society 4/5


I hope you have been enjoying our weekly posts about life
lessons we can gather from the Dead Poets Society movie. Last weekend we were
talking about perspective, but this week I would like to talk about why we
write poetry.

I think the movie sums this up pretty much itself which
is why I have included it’s quote here. I write poetry myself, and I know it’s
a way or releasing my emotions, giving a little bit of myself to the words so
that people can know my thoughts and opinions, or sometimes just to create a
new form of beauty. (If the writing goes well, that is :P)

I have included some lovely quotes from poems! I hope you
enjoy them, and feel inspired to try your hand in poetry as well 😉 I haven’t written much for this post, but these words speak for themselves.





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Olivia’s Question: Do you read poetry? What’s your
favourite poem?

Olivia-Savannah x
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