Sedich (Review & Giveaway!)

Sedich (Review & Giveaway!)

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Title: Sedich
Author: R. Ann Humphries
Publisher: 29
Palms Publishing
Published Date: 23rd May 2014
Rating: 3.5 stars

Synopsis: Rilan Crendu is a
slave. Laboring alongside the rest of his conquered race, he lives his life at
the whims of his Regiment overlords. But when a secret society captures him and
leads him to touch the Sedich – a centuries-old stone imbued with the power of
the Creator – Rilan becomes not only a rebel, but the rebel leader.

Able to control fire with his hands, Rilan attracts the attention of the
Sovereign – the bloodthirsty leader of the Regiment – whose sole focus is
bringing Rilan down. Joined by soldiers, civilians, and slaves from across
Lusiartha, Rilan must learn how to command and lead those he once had to obey,
and he must do so quickly. For if the Sovereign succeeds and Rilan falls,
Lusiartha’s last chance for freedom falls with him.

Review: I have to say this was a fairly good read! What I liked
so much about the plot was that it was a dystopian that I haven’t quite seen
before. This seems like something people would like if they enjoyed the Hunger
Games, but this time we have a male voice in the lead role and the group of
people are brought into the city to go to school – yet are treated horribly.

I thought the characters were believable and realistic,
and Humphries doesn’t spare you emotions. When it comes to stories like this
there will be characters you like who have to die or sacrifice themselves for
the team, which made this book incredibly sad at some points. I thought it was
also a way to show that I had connected with these characters as well. I would
think that Aobren is my favourite character, because she’s someone who thinks
about her choices and decisions, and weighs the consequences carefully
beforehand. I would like think I was someone like that too.

The setting was described perfectly, especially at the
beginning when we are on a certain island and there is a celebration going on.
It was lovely to hear the descriptions of the tin whistle, so well  done that I could imagine being there.

The one thing that this book lacked for me was the
pacing. It seemed slow in some parts, intense in others, and the ending seemed
to whizz by too quickly. I think if the author had managed to smoothen things
out a bit more than the book would’ve been more face paced the entire way

I would recommend this to all dystopian lovers! 


Author Bio: R. Ann Humphries is a lifelong science fiction and fantasy addict. Unable to find a portal to Narnia in her closet, she started inventing her own fantasy worlds and storylines. She graduated from Gardner-Webb University with a BA in Creative Writing. She lives in western North Carolina with her two weenie dogs, Smith and Wesson.

Humphries was introduced to the world of science fiction and fantasy by her father, who made her sit down and watch every episode of the original Star Trek series at a young, impressionable age. Hopelessly hooked from that point on, she moved through dozens of sci-fi/fantasy television shows, books, movies, and video games like a true addict. While the entertaining, escapist side of such stories is obvious, Humphries believes there’s a truly valuable side to far fetched and whimsical stories, one that allows readers to examine themselves and humanity through nontraditional and unfamiliar lenses.

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