Sherlock Holmes (Movie Review) [2009]

Sherlock Holmes (Movie Review) [2009]

Good afternoon everyone!

I just watched this movie
called Sherlock Holmes, which was made in 2009. What I did without noticing was
watch the second movie first! Because I enjoyed the second one so much, I
decided it was worth getting this one and hoped it would be as good. I was kind
of disappointed, although it was still an entertaining film. I think I would’ve
enjoyed it more if I’d watch this one first, and then the second one.

This film stars Robert Downey Jr., Rachel McAdams (yes,
mean girls!) and also Jude Law. It follows Sherlock Holmes who is on a quest to
a string of mysterious murders. He Is with his most trusted ally Watson
as they solve these crimes. They often encounter Sherlock’s problem woman,
Irene Adler as well. This movie is filmed with action and shadowy happenings.

The setting in the film was great; it really reflected
the old times this movie is set in. I think it’s set in an olden day England,
you know, when there were still carriages and long dresses. Where criminals
were hung for their crimes if they were severe enough.

I think Robert Downey made a great Sherlock! When I first
watched the second one I was also a bit skeptical because I thought I wouldn’t
be able to see him as anything but Iron Man 😛 But yeah, he was very good. He
managed to show the clumsy side of the character, and how he doesn’t even know
at times what he is saying is offending. Because sometimes Sherlock just makes
deductions of people or things as he is trying to solve something and doesn’t
notice that he could be revealing their secrets or something private. I thought
he managed to bring it across quite well.

It’s a really long film, it runs for about two hours!
It’s a Warner Bros production that was directed by Guy Ritchie. I would rate
this movie a three out of five, although the second one does get higher points 🙂
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