Sisterhood of the World Tag!

Sisterhood of the World Tag!


I’ve been nominated by the wonderful Jennie over at A Bookworm Called Jennie! Thanks for the tag!

Let’s begin!
Like all other tags and blogger award, there are a few rules:

1) Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their site
2) Post the award’s logo on your blog
3) Answer the 10 questions you’ve been asked
4) Nominate 10 bloggers
5) Set 10 new questions for your nominees


Jennie’s Questions!

1) What is a genre you rarely read by wish you did?
I rarely read mystery and detective novels, and I wish I read more of them!
2) Do you prefer to read lots of books at once or just one at a time?
I prefer reading one book at a time, but now that I have a book blog I end up reading approximately three at a time so that I can meet some of those request deadlines, and still do leisure reading!
3) Hardback, Paperback or Ebooks?
I love paperbacks most of all! I do end up reading a lot of ebooks though, because they are much cheaper!
4) If you could be one character in a novel for a day, who would you be?
Oh, this is definitely a tricky one! There are so many worlds I would love to go in. I rhink I would be Annabeth from Percy Jackson so I could have him as my boyfriend so that I could experience all the Greek mythology adventures for myself!
5) What do you like eating when you read?
I don’t usually eat as I read because my mum doesn’t like me doing so xD But I do have a cup of tea and maybe some chocolate digestives along with it.
6) When you read, do you do it in silence or listen to music and if so what songs are on your playlist?
Silence! I end up drowning out the music with my focus on the novel if there is any background music/noise anyway.
7) What was your first blog post/book review?
I posted 12 blog posts before I wrote my first book review, because I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted this blog to specialize in. But the first review was of Allegiant.
8) Where is your favourite place to read?

In or on my bed. In fact, my bed is my favourite place to chill 😛
9) What’s your opinion on love triangles?

At first I was against them, but then I read a few books where it just seemed to work very well, like The Legacy, and now I am open minded. They can work, sometimes they don’t, it’s not the idea of love triangles but how well they are executed that matters.
10) Do you have any autographed books? If so which ones?

I only have one! I haven’t been to many book signings, and the one I do have is The Fountain of the Earth by H. L. Le Roy.

I nominate:
Diane @ Fictionzeal
Tanja and Glass @ I’m a Reader, and you?
And whoever is reading this!

My Questions!
1) What is one of your favourite authors?
2) Ebooks, Paperback or Hardcover?
3) What is your favourite genre and why?
4) Why/when did you start your blog?
5) Why/when did you start to love reading?
6) If you could enter a fictional world for a day, which would it be?
7) Who would be your fictional boyfriend?
8) What is your opinion about love triangles?
9) If you could only read series or standalone books for the rest of your life, which would it be?
10) What is your favourite book blog to follow (Not your own, guys xD) and why?
Olivia’s Question: Can you answer one of the above?
Olivia-Savannah x
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